Guidance Through Spiritual Dilemmas, Familial Challenges, and Life Transitions

What We Offer

An Apple A Day offers consulting services for locating hard to find information and helping those looking for spiritual guidance, senior advocacy, or relationship consulting.  

I have assisted individuals for over 30 years to resolve their difficulty in researching places to help with their daily needs and those with spiritual dilemmas.

My service provides helpful answers for everything from ways one may stop smoking cigarettes, to how to brush your teeth properly. I can assist you with learning about health supplements and how to properly channel your energy, and much more.

Our Spiritual Basics Consultation assists those with no starting point to begin looking at life in ways that are easy to follow that can make major changes in their life.

I can help enhance your life by showing you how to magnetize your life drawing only good to you.

We offer classes on face reading, powering up your child’s, mind, information for your edification and relationship classes.

I hope you choose to join me and find out the unknown adventures that lie beyond.

Parents with Child


Our core value is to respond promptly to requests from our clients with the BEST solution.

Family with Tablet

I provide customized affordable pricing options for clients, families, and organizations.

Home Nurse Examining Patient

I provide information on supportive services to assist families with identifying resources for their loved ones.


Contact me for motivational speaking for special and educational workshops and more.

I have spent over fifty years researching answers for my spiritual and physical life that brought me LIFE-CHANGING results that I am grateful for.​

Over my lifetime I tried many things I thought that could help me and my family.  Instead of focusing on how bad the opposition was for finding help I began my own research so I would know the truth about my health and places to get information so that I would not be left guessing. This made my personal experiences rock solid for what works and what does not work. I now offer my expertise of experience to you and hope to hear from you soon.