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Hi and Welcome to "An Apple a Day.

An apple a day is simply saying, to take thought of today and apply a new thought and practice it through application.

For example if your thought for the day is, "I am blessed to have a wonderful loving family."

As you think about that throughout the day, at the end of the day , you would have had so many good thoughts that you can hardly wait to get near them to say how much you love them.

A new thought each day about your life can bring about new visions and feelings that begin to renew our love for ourselves and others.

Here are some thoughts to think on:

Observe how feelings appear and flow through you.

Identify with good things and feelings.

What does the color green means?

What do all colors mean?

Why can't we see air?

What is solarized water?

What is the real meaning of numbers in our life?

These questions can bring new insight into our life and new meaning.

Try thinking of your own curious questions and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!



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