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Have You Stopped Smoking Yet?

Over forty-five years ago I dared to do something that lasted for all of my younger adult life, smoking.

It had many different affects on my body that I learned about later and even now I know the results was nothing of what I expected.

Since I am a researcher for the best information and answers to situations, I began digging for answers of how to stop smoking.

Forty some odd years later I had learned about the features of my body, the water I drink, the numbers I use in life, the colors I wear, the sounds around me, breathing, what silence is, meditation, healing, my relationship to God and have written many books to uncover answers about my smoking.

After all the many years of research I became enlightened, wiser, humble and grateful for all I had learned as well as stopping the habit of smoking once I learned and practiced techniques I put together from trial and error of my studies.

You can learn more about any of these subjects and more if you email me for a consultation to be able to see past and know how to be strong from within.

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