About An Apple A Day

I have always been the seeker of information and I will not give up until I find the answers. Through determination, research, and prayer, I developed a state of mind within me that is rock solid and mountain tall.

The creation of “An Apple a Day” is the desire to share with you my strategies, information and resources that helped raise me out of difficult personal situations. As demonstrated from my background, I have a long-standing history with social services. For over five years I worked with AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) in their SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) Program as an Information Navigator and Employment Specialist. I developed a job club with Goodwill Industries and organized a network of Meetings for Senior Citizens at various local libraries to meet with our local Congress representatives to share with them hard and heavy conditions they faced.
I am passionate about connecting senior citizens to services and information they need about vital programs that can assist them through life. As a senior citizen, I understand the trials and tribulations one can be faced when looking for services and cannot find them. I at one time found myself with the task of navigating through systems to find the support I needed for my family. Because of my hard work and love for researching, I was able to turn my situation in a positive direction with the creation of “An Apple A Day”, which is the result of my hard work and desire to share my strategies with others senior citizens and families that need support.


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Advocate for Seniors

As an advocate for seniors, I am unique because of my values that are set in life through trial and error. The results are the ones I live by, giving respect to truth, helping those that want change in their life, and providing insight to those that ask. My goal is to be a thought leader and provide assistance to seniors with life and service information, empowerment through remembrance of their power and knowledge for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Over the years, I have inspired and energized others as a motivational speaker and mentor as well.


I am driven by the desire to help senior citizens adjust to retirement, find resources, and get the assistance they need while continuing to strengthen themselves and others from within.